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Is this the correct placement for 1B/1C?

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4 hours ago, TomicTime said:

makes me want to do a Santa Cruz record buying field trip !,,,, way way cool…..

And because i can’t resist, you put the tweeter towards the floor right ?


Yeah at ear level.
Luckily the manual for Australia upside down, so it is easier than the IKEA ones.

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@ghamilton In my experience, if the speakers are behind the equipment rack then it is more frustrating to get things right. In all my setups in the rooms that I have placed my speakers in, they have sounded the best with nothing between them or with the speakers pulled farther out than the stuff that's located in between the speakers. Also, an inch of movement at a time is too much. I have found 1/8th of an inch to change the sound (depending on the room) and finding the right balance between 1/8 -3/8th of an inch. If you keep moving an inch then you might lose that window of opportunity (unless you discover it by accident while moving things again).

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