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Vandersteen 2c Paradise

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Over 20 years ago I purchased my Vandersteen 2c loudspeakers from a friend. Each time I upgrade the system with new amplifier and CD player the improvements are noticeable and enjoyable. 

As a performing musician in wind ensembles, my ears are trained to recognize realistic recordings.  It is a joy to have a music library that exposes me to the recordings of professional musicians!

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Reedman, those where my first pair as well; circa 1985.   When I changed the stands to the Sound Anchor version, I used the originals (like you have) to put my PSE Studio V mono amps on. 

Welcome to the forum; there’s some great folks here. 

Play on


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Welcome @Reedman- what do you play?

(I do find the oboe and bassoon to be particularly like a magnet to my iron ears, and it pulls me right in…  like a cartoon.)


Whereabouts are you located?

From that picture… have you tried pulling the speakers out beyond the front edge of that TV cabinet?
They sometimes sound noticeably different when the start sneaking out into the room. 

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Thanks for the welcome!

I have played the clarinet for 55 years in many bands, orchestras, and ensembles. Recently retired, I am enjoying the extra time to listen to my sound system and the many cds I have collected. 

I recently purchased a new CD player- onkyo 7030 and have been comparing it to my old Sony 50+1 carousel player. There are significant differences - most for the better on the new player. It does depend on the recording on how much improvement I hear.

My favorite learning from this comparison is on the recording Heartland - Appalachian Anthology with all string instruments. Beyond the obvious of hearing more detail in bass with the  new player I can hear texture of the bows scraping the strings. Also the musician's attacks on notes and crescendos / decrescendos are more apparent, as well as slight tuning issues. The music comes to life and I have a more emotional reaction as if I have witnessed a live performance. 

I can see how the quest for audio perfection can be a fascinating hobby. Looking forward to learning more about music reproduction. 

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And Yes I pull the speakers out from the wall typically about 24”.  They are parked against the wall to protect them from the visiting grandsons. This improves the bass in my room as well as the soundstage. 

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