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Getz / Gilberto 45 RPM - Wow !,,


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  • 2 weeks later...

that nook is the bane of my California hide out....i should have widen it out during remodel....and may yet...

TT is a Brinkman Bardo direct drive. Vandy typically disply w Brinkman at Munich show. I love the direct drive...fantastic drive and pitch accuracy. It rests on HRS base engineered for the Bardo. isolation is critical. Tonearm is Triplaner 7 mk2 with upgraded silver wire. TT power supply is uprated Brinkman SS w VPI Magic Brick but not the tube RonT supply, maybe Santa... ? Finally cart is the Lyra Delos... IMO ya have to spend a lot to better a Delos...

iF in Carlsbad, CA stop by for a listen


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