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Schiit Audio - Thoughts?

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Mike - I think it’s an interesting company run by two principles that have significant industry experience and pretty good ears… interesting business model and they source USA where possible. Saying that, ive never heard any of their products driving Vandersteen speakers… i did make a pilgrimage several years ago to to The Schittr…… i was not impressed w sonics…. but i bet a pair of VLR or 1Ci would have fixed that…….well..much of it…..



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I have a Bifrost 2 DAC and a Valahlla 2 Headphone amp.  Great sounding stuff.  The Bifrost was my first separate DAC. It was the first time I had heard a significant difference in my system when hooking up a component.  The amp is nice and warm. I enjoy Schiit's shi... uh, stuff. 

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The VLR are a much better speaker. 

I  do think the Schitt electronics represent good value and with great speakers would make many people happy. It’s a different business model. Hopefully many of you have noticed my preferis to establish a relationship with a Vandersteen dealer and lay out a long term system plan that gets you where you want to be…. 

😉 no matter, enjoy the music and the journey…

Happy Thanksgiving ALL 

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