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A 1-million-dollar stereo...

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It’s behind a firewall.  I don’t want to share my email .  Is there anyway to cut and paste?  I’m sure it’s interesting.  Funny how they are saying it’s  the world greatest.  That’s one of those high end fallacies.  There is NO worlds greatest and all of us know that it’s not always about cost/prices.  I would love to read it though.  thanks for sharing.

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1 hour ago, GdnrBob said:

The saddest part is how he alienated his family. 


When I first read the story over the weekend, that was the biggest part I took away.  My wife thought the same.

The comments following the story were rather depressing overall.  So, although I never really said much to anybody about audio in the past, aside from guys - it was always guys - who I worked with and liked to build gear as I do, I'm now resolved to never say a word to anybody about audio.  If I ever visit a store in the future, it will be with a mask on.  I guess record stores might be exempt from that.  Maybe.

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Allways remember this definition when talking to anyone about this hobby or any other we love; Specialty means few people care!  This is true for wine, beer, cars, cameras, watches, art and.............................................................!  It is not worth being possessed by it.  RV

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