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Tom’s System 2.0

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As I have posted recently I purchased the system of my friend Lynn who passed away last month.  I have combined his system with mine. This system is built around the wonderful Model 7.

The speakers are not yet in final position. Still trying out different options before installing spikes and dialing in the subwoofers.


Basis Debut Diamond Signature Turntable with Vacuum System and Synchro Wave Power Supply

Basis Super Arm 9

Lyra Atlas Cartridge

Aesthetix Io Eclipse Phono Stage with dual power supplies

Aesthetix Calypso Signature Pre Amp

Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse Monoblocks

Auralic Vega DAC

Sonore Ultra Rendu streamer

Oppo 105 

Audioquest Hurricanes and Thunder power cords, Kubala Sosna Emotion power cords

AudioQuest Everest Speaker Cables

Harmonic Technology Interconnects

Shunyata Hydra 8 Power Conditioner





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Absolutely beautiful. It has to sound incredible, even without being fully dialed-in. 

As above, as sorrowful as it is, it is also wonderful seeing a system passed to a friend.  I’m sure it will be a constant reminder of your friendship.

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1 minute ago, Huang said:

What is your opinion of the  Aesthetix Calypso? What did you use prior to the addition of that preamp

Jim White doesn't produce a product that isn't very good and that doesn't shoot much higher than they cost.  The best part is that you can keep doing the upgrades to it and get better adn better.

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