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I've heard non Vandersteen spikes and cups under a pair of 5 CT's in the past.  My buddy had some folks over and were started to play with spikes etc...  Most of us (maybe even all, but don't remember) felt that none did justice to the speakers other than Richard's.  When you consider he and his wife audition speaker connection strips to see which ones wound best, you realize he's also doing the same thing for spikes, bases etc...  

Not everyone likes a full system approach.  I personally wish I could buy a pair of Quatro CT's with fully matching amp, pre etc...  Wait, that's what I'm putting together now that I have the M5-HPA's in the house......Sorry for going on a tangent to the OP......

Which ones did you go with and why?  I love HRS stuff and always have.  I know that is what Richard uses for his amps etc.... 

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