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Studio V

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I started my journey with Vandersteen speakers at Haven's and Hardesty in Huntington Beach.  It was around 1985.  I was looking to upgrade my Infinity floorstanders and a friend suggested I go check out this new line.  I enjoyed the 2C's for many years before moving up to the 3A's.  After ten years with them, I drove them up to Hanford and had the Signature upgrade done.  Enjoyed those until 2014 when the opportunity for a pair of Quatros came my way.  I had been contemplating adding a pair of 2W's, but per Richard's recommendation, "you will not get the integrated performance by adding subs to 3A Sig's that the Quatros will provide."   I've been enjoying them ever since and am glad this forum has launched.  

Play on

Studio V.jpg

Studio V II.jpg

Stereo System Feb 2020.odt

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I agree and it's why Richard decided to put money behind this.  It can only work if we all make it work.  Other brands do the same thing and have a larger following. I'd hope that folks who don't own the more expensive gear feel comfortable over here as they are the main customers over the years.  With the advent of the new 2's, the distance between Treo's and 2's is MUCH closer than it ever has been.  

I love learning from everyone as we all have new ideas that work for us....or don't.  I've already gotten a few ideas that are close to free from you guys about my set up.  Thanks :). 

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It is great to see this forum’s growth.  If you haven’t jumped on board, let the clutch out!  🙂

Any Model 2 owners out there who have upgraded to the new 2Ce Signature III?  ............  or from any other speaker?  Would like to hear your thoughts. 

Almost two weeks since I’ve been up in Oregon visiting our daughter and little granddaughter.  It’s been a fabulous, memories-forever-time; but  ...............  I do miss Studio V a smidge  

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Hoping to have my whole new set up running within the next week.  I have stuff on order. Finally getting my Server/DAC back tomorrow.  It was ready this weekend, but owner got sick and I'm taking zero chances.  I have some other goodies arriving soonish...hoping end of next week, but who knows.   Fun thread.

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