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My Speakers....Stringreen

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These are 5A's that I've had for many years.   The finish is called Kowazinga.  I had a few pro refinishers to the house to take care of scratches et al on other furniture.  They all have given the Vandersteens a smiling thumbs up.  The artwork is from a pro ....his name is Lance Hedley.   Notice the wire left to right.  The background is copied from Kowazinga finish on speakers.   I specially bought this house for this room.  Its 25 ft x 21 ft. with 16 ft ceilings.   The room is actually a big disappointment....a local Vandersteen audio store owner said the very large windows and very high ceilings is not conducive for good sound.  When setting up the speakers with Vanderstones, I got very little output with a couple of readings....Richard told me to just reduce those levels and forget them.  Even though the speakers are low end weak, they can produce a wide open stage with good depth.  The system is all Ayre electronics with VPI, and Ortofon Winfield Cart.   All cabling   allows fully balanced operation. 


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Room dimensions are great Stringreen, such ceiling height shouldn't be a problem.

It's the large windows at the point of first reflections that create havoc. If you're the experimental type, find some  thick foam and put it in place of the first reflections and see if there's an improvement. 

You can also try removing that table between you and the speakers, that also messes with the sound that comes to your ears.

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Hi String !  I have a smaller room with 16’ sloped ceiling and a wall of windows. I like to stay married also.  Love the veneer and tge art !,,

Not many people w regular speakers measure in room bass performance at the listening position, i guess the saying is ignorance is bliss. ..or not since it seems you have a trained ear. Imagine a speaker with no adjustability ?

Just a question or three… as you wander the room with the SPL meter on the troublesome tracks are there places where it comes close to flat ? In my condo system ( w Treo our cleaning lady moves my listening chair back a foot closer to the wall and bamm… no low end grunt…until I remember and move the chair. The nasty nodes live near walls.  can you move your chair ? Rutan is correct to try for corner bass reinforcement, bit of wall splash can help w super wide sound stage. I will PM, i make free setup house and zoom calls for Vandy owners. Michigan 5a was my last stop. PM or call 253-431-6735

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