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Potential improvements to 1c and 2ce’s

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For the 20 odd years that I have owned the 1cs and 2ce speakers, I have spent a lot of time with the placement and tilt and I still don’t think I have them optimally setup. There are two things that I wish the speakers had that would make it a little more easier to dial these speakers in:

1. The ability to turn the spikes from top of the base and not fidget around from bottom. It would be nice to have a knob at the top of the plate that could turn the spikes. If the knob has a ‘click’ feeling then that would be a bonus. Sometimes, it’s easier to fine tune the tilt if you can count the clicks that you are turning. I ride mountain bikes with suspension forks and the manufacturers provide a guideline of ‘x number of clicks for specific rider weight’. This makes is easy to dial in the optimal setting and is also quite helpful when you are keeping notes of the various settings and the observations for these settings.

2. Speaker connections lower on the body than on the top. Sometimes, the best placement options brings the speakers farther out in the room. If you are using a thick biwire cable then it’s heavy and unsightly when it’s dangling from the middle of speaker.  Not to mention, even the shortest speaker wire you can use has to be at least 4 feet long by default.


Wondering if anyone has tried any other alternatives to address these problems?



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Hey Udit,

Possibly Brad or Richard will chime in, but I'm guessing  ............. 

1. would be an investment issue - would the convenience of the added feature justify the increase of cost to the end consumer

2. there is probably a very specific reason why the terminals are where they are, one of the experts would need to answer this

But that's what is so great about this forum; you will probably get insightful input from other 1C and 2Ce owners.

Play on

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That sounds like a good idea. Whether it is feasible, is another question.

And, I would like to add....

Now that Power Cords (AQ-in particular), have gotten so unwieldy, there should be a way to make an articulating outlet/plug that allows the cord to be easily positioned. Thus, minimizing any unwanted torque to the power input or wall socket.

Perhaps I should have studied Electrical design instead of horticulture?

Nah, plants are more interesting. Plus they're beauty moves me even more than music- though it is a close second.


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