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Model 7 XTRM


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This passed Saturday at Audio Connection was the debut of the Model  7 XTRM  with Richard Vandersteen and Brad O'Toole  

The Model 7 can they get any better the answer  is Model 7 XTRM if bass is the foundation of music this speaker is a BRICK HOUSE 

Absolutely the best speaker I have ever heard and with the SUB NINE sublime 

Here are some photos from Saturday 9EFA5260-167E-4B85-82C3-A2DC2AB6B61FIMG_0001.heic

9EB18FDD-8494-4A6A-B41F-3358A3FF2CA0IMG_0003.heic 48537161-5C2A-4CF4-BBC5-B7057C2297D5IMG_0005.heic

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Thanks so much for sharing.  I'm so so so sorry that I wasn't able to get down for it.  Heard that it was as good as it gets and that the system was just singing.  The System 9 really is as good as it gets in audio.  Many of us have heard many of the 500k plus systems that are out there, but for my money, none come close to the System 9 with a top pre like that Audio Research and a top TT set up.  

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On 11/10/2021 at 3:39 PM, Tomstruck said:

Pete you were miss on Saturday hope all is well

Bob nice to finally meet you 

A good time was had by all

Thanks. Not sure what’s going on to be honest.  Nearly went to ED an hour ago to get checked out. I think it’s a concussion and not just MS symptoms. Strange as I was much better for a few days this week. I’m sure I’m fine, just slowed down a bit. 

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10 hours ago, TomicTime said:

Pete - Hope you are feeling well soon ! best to you


Guys, thanks. It’s just part of my life.  I appreciate the kind and sincere words. To me, it’s just how I live. Not a big deal anymore lol.  I’d rather talk about audio and listen to music. Ha. Just hate missing events like this that are so rare.  Really miss Johnny as he’s such a great friend of mine now.  

was told that his set up is crazy good right now. Absolutely dialed in. That’s what I need to hear lol. Ha

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Re: Demo-

I listened to the 7's, and I thought 'the sweet spot' was too intense. When I sat in the second row, or further back, it seemed to fall into place.

Did anyone else feel this way?


I wanted to listen to the Kento room, but it was too crowded for my taste- esp. considering the current pandemic. (And, yes, I am vaccinated).

( I also don't care to be around people that much

-Plants on the other hand...)



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7 hours ago, Steve Edwards said:

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on 7XTRM and SUB 9S?  ...................  that conjures up some misspent youth memories, presented in what I can only imagine as startling clarity.   

Is that an Oppenheimer quote of sorts?
(I may need another coffee)

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