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Hello from a new guy/long time lurker

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Hi there everyone.  I've been lurking on this board, the vandersteen threads on Audiogon, and the polk audio forum for a couple years now.  Instead of lurking, I'm now trying to be a part of the community, so I'm finally joining. 

I started getting back into two channel audio 4 years ago and it has become such a joy.  Started with vintage gear and as I got more obsessed and set up a listening room, I went with newer gear in that room.  My results have been amazing and I've just had a ton of fun.  My bank account has suffered, but it's usually been well worth it.  I continue to enjoy my vintage set up, but my Doshi/Vandersteen/AMG set up in my listening room is my first love. 

I want to specifically thank Tomic, CTSooner, and GdnrBob for all your expertise and active participation on this and other forums.  You have helped me quite a bit and you are part of the reason I am trying to be a better hifi citizen and not just lurk.  A sincere thank you also to Richard Vandersteen for your awesome gear(!!) and for speaking with me and emailing with me when I had technical issues and questions.  

I look forward to being a part of the Vandy community!

Cheers, Frank


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1 hour ago, bkeske said:


I echo the warm welcome Frank. I do understand poking a toe into the waters of social media. I think this forum of super helpful and experienced Vandy owners is a great place to start. Helping each other to get maximum musical enjoyment is a key goal here. While we may help dent the bank account now and then, i love the diversity of systems and thought found here, along with the obvious common ground of Vandersteen. Can you tell us more about the system, especially Doshi. Have to admit my ignorance there.

Best to you


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thank you Jim! My main system is:
Doshi Audio V3.0 preamp, Doshi V3.0 phonostage,  Vandy M5-HPA, Vandy Quatro CT, AMG viella V12, van den hul Crimson cart, William Tell biwire speaker cables, AQ Colorado interconnects.  
My vdh Crimson cart developed sibilance issues and came back from repair in the netherlands with a suspension issue, so that’s been a sore spot.  I’m using AMG theatro while that gets sorted out.  

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Welcome to the forums.  There isn't a huge quantity of content, but there is very good quality content.  It's a nice place.

Are you a Phish fan?  I assume so, I am too. 

I have M5 amps and Quatro CTs on order, but for the time being "I ain't got no speakers, ain't got no headphones, Ain't got no records to play"*

*Not exactly true, I have AQ Nighthawks and a Bluesound box...

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