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Anyone using a full vandy surround?

Paul S.

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3 hours ago, Paul S. said:

Just curious if anyone here has a full vandy surround system and what you have. What electronics are you using for home theater? Using room correction ir no? 

So far I only have a stack of boxes….

  1. Lyngdorf MP-50
  2. hypex amps
  3. Mogami wire and Neutrik connectors
  4. VCC-5,
  5. 4x VSMs
  6. (existing) 2C and older Vandy sub.
  7. 2x subs wanting boxes

The border was slammed shut yesterday, so when I get back, then I will start cabling things up.
But the covid numbers for WA have been <10 cases/day, so I am not in a hurry… The NT case load has been going a bit vertical the last week or so.
Add to that that I blew out a rear differential last week, which has become a parts chasing fiasco. One does not want a break down a long ways from home… So I’ll need to do that right.


Back on topic…
I’ll probably be doing some DSP in the hypex, and then the Lyngy can do the room.
(I.e. Starting with the center channel and doing some outdoors measurement.)

There are PEQ DSP coefficients in here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/vandersteen-vcc-5-review-center-speaker.27776/

Many MTM style center channel speakers  look much more narrow in radiation pattern than the VCC-5:

So I think that the (used) VCC-5 with the PEQ should be better option than most of the HT center channels I have seen tests for. And that is only in terms of radiation pattern and frequency response. Add in the step function, or impulse response, and I can imagine mixing the 2Cs with other HT center channels could be a problem where the phase could be 180 degrees out.

Obviously I am moving slowly on ^this^, but generally up to my a****** in alligators of house and yard work.


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Very nice. Let me know how it sounds when you are done. I have my 2ce sig II doubling for ht and 2 channel with a 2wq plus a small infinity sub just for LFE. HT bypass to my preamp to run my 2 channel through my belles amp. Vsm1 for the rears. I have the VCC1 as my center. Works ok but I am more about 2 channel than HT these days. Running through Anthem using anthem arc dsp. What kind of car needs the differential? (car guy here) 

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9 minutes ago, Paul S. said:

Very nice. Let me know how it sounds when you are done…

Of course.
Just running 2 channel for HT sounded PDG,


9 minutes ago, Paul S. said:

… What kind of car needs the differential? (car guy here) 

Dana 70 in an OKA 4x4.

The Dana powerloc (plated LSD) lost 2-1/2 spider gears, which was felt when turning.
It took a while to diagnose as it was hard to tell which end was the problem. But the hole in the diff cover helped me to find it 😉 

What is your opinion on the Eaton “Detroit Locker”?
(The truck weighs in at about 9-12 thousand pounds.)

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Not really… I am running 4litre TC Perkins with ~125 HP or maybe KW.
(Some people run Cummins 6BT which is 250 HP or so.)

It does 100 kph (60 mph) and gets about 16 miles per gallon, with the aero of.a parachute… or Brick SH.

It is a bit of a cult truck… either really stupid or totally brilliant, or a bit of both. About 400 to 450 were made.
(Accousticly,  it requires ear plugs.)

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Thanks - it can be remote here with a break down.
(Luckily we live in the age of satellites and EPIRBs.)

I did the front diff already, as it was in need of refreshing..
It should last a long time, but the broken spider gears in the LSD sort of tell their own story.
There is also a bit of an absence of parts on the shelves for them, and I was advised to replace the carrier.

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Oh thats unfortunate. Maybe you can make your own from old dana 60s at junkyards. If you are handy with a welder the tubes can be shortened and the mounts transfered from old to new diff. Sounds like a project. Good luck! 

Haven't broke gears yet but i don't have many stock parts left on my car lol

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On 1/26/2022 at 11:34 AM, Paul S. said:

Nice try! I dont doubt your driving abilities but even i have taken years to control this beast! 

They have these events here called “Regularities,” which are usually 4, 6 or 12 hour team enduros.
Each person on the team nominates a time, and then you get a point for each lap, and an extra point if you are at the nominated time, or within a second slower.
(-1 point if you are faster than nominated.)

They are pretty good as one does not need to have a fast car, just to be able peddle it relatively consistently.
But the faster it is, then one picks up those points more quickly.

I also got to do 8 laps at the N-ring, and that was pretty memorable.
If one is in Germany, or passing through, it is pretty easy to get a rental and put in a few laps.
(I did not need a rocket of a car there to enjoy it, and it was still fear gripping even doing 9+ minute laps.)

Ski racing is arguably just as much fun, and very similar in most aspects. It is all about balance, weight transfer, and line.

The problem there is when one breaks parts, they are body parts.

My buddy in Oregon, is recovering and mentioned he should have taken my advice to set up his HT… as the NetFlix is getting a work out for the next month, and Uber trips to the physio.

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I use the  VSM-1s for the four surround channels only, driven by a 5 channel Adcom amp.  Tried the VCC but found that my main stereo speaker dd a better job in that role, giving a solid phantom centre.  I tend to look to Vandersteen first as a (very) long time owner (still have 4as in another system)

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wspohn, the only center that will work will be one designed to be used with your main speakers!  If you are sitting exactly in the center "phantom" will ALWAYS sound better.  The center speaker is for the viewers off axis but does always sounds less convincing in the center.  You would need a center designed to go with your Wilson's especially since every other driver is out of phase.  All drivers are in the same phase in Vandersteen's because they need to be to be "Time and Phase Correct", none of our centers will ever work.


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On 1/16/2022 at 9:06 AM, Paul S. said:

Just curious if anyone here has a full vandy surround system and what you have. What electronics are you using for home theater? Using room correction ir no? 

Am using 1Cs for front, VCC for center, V2W sub and had VSMs for rear until decommissioning them recently. It's powered by a Pioneer Elite VSX receiver (150W/ch) and all in all it does a great job after using the microphone that it came with to calibrate the room acoustics. In my experience with Vandy's for HT, smaller tends to be much better than going big as long as you have at least the V2W. Considering the tilt, placement and positioning it gets a little painful to get the ideal sound. Unless of course your room size demands larger speakers. 

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  • 8 months later...

I have been running an all Vandersteen system for a number of years that I am very happy with: 3A Signature for fronts, VCC-5 center, 2Cs for rears, VCC-1 for Atmos and 2 V2M subs.  Mark Levinson No 23 for fronts and Yamaha RXA3060 AV receiver drives all other speakers, used the receiver to adjust all levels.  The Yamaha uses the 3A and V2Ms for 2 Channel audio, which sounds great and have been having fun with Apple Music Atmos audio.  The 2Cs are my original Vandersteen purchase many years ago in college, have worked flawlessly since 86.




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