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What are all the improvements to the Model 7 Mark II

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1 hour ago, Jacques van den Berg said:

Hi Richard - I am planning to buy a pair of Mark II's in a Stem 9 set-up after I sold my Quatros. I will never buy any other type speaker than yours.

Jacques,  you should consider the XTRM which comes with the Bed Rock Bases the two of them eliminating the need in most rooms for the SUB NINE's.  This is something you will want to have a discussion with your dealer about.  RV

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Welcome @Jacques van den Berg ! 

I am also considering upgrading my 7 mk 2 to the XTRM thru the factory in Hanford. The bedrock bases, new subwoofer drivers not only improve the bass but also midrange clarity which is already fantastic with the balsa  / Carbon Fiber midrange driver.

Best to you in music !


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3 hours ago, GdnrBob said:

Porcelain Fused to Metal?

No PFM == “Pure …. Magic.”

It is more likely that RV is not a savant, but that long ago his spell checker corrected it to be STEM… but that is only a WAG.
(WAG == “Wild …. Guess”)

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I have to say that I'm dying to hear the XTR's.  I have heard the system 9 and it was SICK good.  I agree on that bass.  I'm sure it won't make it's way into the Quatro, but that's one upgrade I'd make in a heartbeat.  I wonder if it's similar mid situation in the System 9. I hadn't heard the 7's with Richards amps in a spell, so I don't know if it was better in the 9 system.  I will say that was the best system I've heard.  The analog was insane as was the way he had the room set up.  

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Pete, the push pull sub driver, great as it is ( my not so humble opinion is it has very few peers ) can move the cabinet every so slightly more than the balanced opposing forces of the new dual driver configuration……

I look forward to hearing it and pondering….when i might get in line for that…

Fortunately i would have the Treo to “ tide me over “….


How was the Joe B concert ?… rocking

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That makes sense Jim.  The concert was incredible as always.  No horn section for the first time ever and they were missed, but he played more solos than normal.  The sound was spectacular.  I do wish they mixed it so you could hear the words to his songs as they have meaning, but we are all there for the showmanship and sound first.  The venue is right up there with top ones around the country I feel.  The band was so tight.  My two favorite musicians he normally tours with were missing, but the ones he's got on tour are just as good, if not better.  Michael Rhodes is my favorite bass player as he's a great showman too, but the bassist is one of the best out of Nashville and turned down Garth to play with Joe.  The drummer was the former Bob Seagar drummer who we saw at Red Rocks two years ago when Fig broke his ankle.  I like Fig better, but Steve Mackey (I think that's who he was) was so strong.  Reese Wyans, is as good as it gets for keyboard.  He did Double Trouble and is in the Hall of Fame.  Back up singers were a duo, rather than his normal trio and man can they belt it out of the park.  The Australian one has MASSIVE range and he lets her show it off in a few of the songs.

He's a must see for any guitar or blues fan.  

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