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Calling all So Cal members for a get together - 2023

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Greetings everyone,

It feels like deja vu while I am writing this but we are all hopefully vaccinated and are comfortable gallivanting about. To continue the tradition of getting Vandersteen fanatics in SoCal together, I am hosting a get together on the 28th of Jan at my place for lunch, drinks and of course music and technobabble. If you happen to be in the SoCal area and would love to join then please let me know. The last time I hosted we were just  emerging from Covid and there were some folks who were medically not permitted to  indulge in such activities. Hopefully things have improved and changed so that you can make it.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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3 hours ago, Jackstraw75 said:

Hi.  I'm here in Chino Hills and would love to join...thanks!

Awesome. I am in San Diego and Chino Hills is about an hour and a half. I know that for a fact since I made a trek to Manley Labs a couple of weeks back.

I will email you my address and phone number. Steve Edwards is in OC and is going to be driving down. If you want to coordinate with him then that will help driving alone. Stay tuned.

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Thanks to @TomicTime @Huang @John Gallupand @Steve Edwards we were able to pull off an entertaining afternoon together. We also had the pleasure of other local audio enthusiasts join us and it was interesting to learn about the various products, technology and experiences. 

Looking forward to getting together with more Vandersteen fans down the road…



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8 hours ago, Tom Newell said:

Just saw this post. Sorry I missed it. I live in San Clemente and would love to attend  a future meet up

@Tom Newell let me know what your email address is and I will add you to this group email that makes it easier to get the word out quickly. We plan to keep this momentum going so stay tuned for details on the next get together.

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