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Greetings From New Owner of 5As

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Just a quick hello from the new (second) owner of a pair of 5As. 

First, I'd like to thank @Richard Vandersteen for not only creating such a wonderful product, but for all the attention to writing a superior user manual that covers things like how to properly unbox the speakers in detail. With so many other high end audio products I've owned it seems like the higher the price, the less relevant information is included in the manual. 😉 This forum is a testament to real commitment towards ensuring Vandersteen owners are getting the most from their gear in the service of music. Many forum members comments here contributed to my decision, so thanks to you all for your knowledge, questions and enthusiasm.

Second, I'd like to thank Jon at Ultra Fidelis who provided me with the perfect pair for my situation and a great purchasing experience. No question is too small for Jon and he ensured the purchase of a pre-owned item felt to me like I got royal treatment. Everything about my dealings with Jon led me to appreciate his grace, humor, patience and studied product knowledge, a rarity these days. 

Lastly, immense thanks to my great friends, @TomicTime and @bkeske, who have shared their experiences and insights, as I wandered down a long path to select my speakers which are replacing long-in-the-tooth Sound Lab electrostatics that I've enjoyed for many years.  As a lurker here for a few months pre-purchase, I know many of you appreciate the kind spirits and helpful nature of these two super souls. I am happy to rejoin the Vandersteen owners family amongst such amazing compadres. Cheers,

Spencer aka "sbank"

PS: Better photos to come as I complete my setup. 

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17 hours ago, Sbank said:

Will add those to my long term plans. I already had some Herbie’s footers, so using them for the moment.

Richard makes inexpensive vanderfeet for the speakers. They have a special felt that holds the speakers in place better than anything I’ve tried to date. All who have gone this route seems to love them.  Other footers seem to not work as well for many of us.  Worth trying and you can sell the others and cover the cost or even out some money back into your pocket. You never know. 

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8 hours ago, Stringreen said:

if those plants are living plants they would help your listening experience....if they are artificial flowers, they will probably do nothing.

If they aren't living, I've been wasting a lot of water 😉

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