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These speakers are much more beautiful in person.  Pictures do not do them justice.   Gary from Audiophile Zone set up my new Kentos!  Great guy did a great job.   

Very personal attention and the expertise showed.     I got the Walnut veneers as they always go well in a room.   Beautiful wood with a very nice finish.


I upgraded from the Quatro cloth speakers.    They are so nice and they performed better and better with each upgrade, but I will be selling them.     





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Yes, my user name is in fact from the 2C brochure that I received when I bought them in the mid 80's. 

Such an apt description for the Vandersteen sound really.    Happy you noticed the name.

I hope it is appropriate on the forum to let Vandy lovers that I have posted my Quatros up for sale on usaudiomart (for pick up only).  Please let me know if I should delete this part of my post.  And thanks to all who replied to my post!


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Hey GdnrBob,

The columns that you mentioned are my home made bass traps. 

I found a simple design and they do a fine job.  Have some in the back corners and some side smaller traps on on the side walls.

If you are handy, they are fairly easy to make and the parts are few.   Larry

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It is difficult to quantify, but I have done some big upgrades with all kinds of components since I got my 2Cs mid 1980's.

First of all though, I have not found an upgrade that was many times more expensive than what I was upgrading from

that was comparable.    In this case, the Kentos are drastically more expensive than the original Quatros I have.   Even the

current Quatro would probably not come close to the fidelity of the Kento.   The Kento is in another league.  

That being said, if could not afford the Kentos, i would truly still be happy with the Quatros they replaced.  

is moving up.   


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11 hours ago, TomicTime said:

Describe the magic carbon fiber - balsa midrange is pure water…. drink it…and it’s difficult to go back… Congrats !

Boy do I feel this comment @TomicTime

So many times on the best recordings I have exclaimed aloud to nobody... "it's like flowing water."  Shaking my head at the crystal clear purity and very thankful for the carbon/balsa sandwich.  At those times I am in turn thankful that a (great) deal on non-CT quatros fell through.  As I recall, I emailed RV with a question and expressing disappointment that the deal collapsed and he said to me something along the lines of - don't sweat it, you want Quatro CT's anyway.  🤩

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No, not enough power as peak voltage swing is always in the midrange.  Peak current is in the bass so in reality the same amount power is required in the midrange (voltage) and bass (current).  The old tail about not needing as much power for the highs is only partly true.  Because the huge current swings of the bass notes aren't causing the power supplies to collapse it appears to not take as large an amp, but 30 watts is not enough even with the advantage of not having to provide the current for the bass.  RV

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