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Something Interesting With My Quatros and Linn LP-12


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Here's something I Noticed with the Quatro and my Linn LP-12 turntable.  I'm curious if anyone else experienced this.  

One of my pet peeves with my Linn LP-12 which I bought new in 1989 (Basik Tonearm, standard power supply  power supply, K9 cartridge) is that it doesn't seem to replicate really deep bass.   I'd read a fair amount of criticism of the LP-12 over the years for exactly this shortcoming so I figured I was stuck with it unless I wanted to get a different turntable.

My new Quatros seem to have dispelled that.  It seems like the bass was always there, its just that my speakers weren't reproducing it.  (In spite of all the materials saying they should).   One track where I really noticed this is on U2's "Achtung Baby", on the track "Who's Going to Ride Your Wild Horses".   There is some amazing bass on that track (in the mid 20hz range I'd guess) and I would never have believed it was a Linn LP-12 delivering the signal.  I wonder if this is unique the LP-12 or if there are a lot turntables out there that just need better speakers with some form of active subwoofer?

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1 hour ago, TomicTime said:

Zoo Station….. should wake the neighbors…

thanks for mentioning this album, have not played it in years….brings back great memories 

Here's a spectral chart of the song from my calibrated mic.  The bass kicks in at about 1:40.  90db at 30Hz and below? I've never heard anything even close from my LP-12 before.


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15 hours ago, stratocaster said:

As much as I love U2, I find all their albums to be a little heavy on the lower frequencies especially Achtung Baby and Zooropa. 

What!? Too much bass!?  Never!  XD

I won't be satisfied until the local USGS seismic monitoring station calls and tells me to knock it off.  

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Upgrade your LP-12.  I had one for almost 40 years.  The Keel subchassis and the Lingo power supply are a huge improvement.  I went as far as the Radikal, which really was worth it.  Also, upgrade the tonearm.  An Ittok will be a big improvement.  An Ekos even bigger.  You've got a good starting point.  Then you'll get bass with definition.  You might find another octave, too.


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Interesting (and encouraging) to hear you say that Peter.  I've had my Linn almost 30 years, and while I've done numerous upgrades, there are newer ones that I'm assuming are significant.

Periodically, I think about changing tables, but in the price range of the models that appeal to me (VPI, Rega & Dr Feickert to name a few), I could add the Radikal, the Keel, an Ekos SE and probably still have some cabbage left for a new cartridge!  Other than just the mere attraction of having something that looks & feels different, I'm not sure if there would be any sonic improvements.  

Oh, the trials and tribulations of a hopeless audiophiliac  ......................  

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Guys, I had adn sold my entry level Basis to Jim when I realized I couldn't keep up with vinyl anymore (boy do I miss it greatly).  I LOVE the Basis tables. Best bang for buck that I've heard to be frank.  Just THAT good.  That said, I was at Gifted Listener in VA (now gone) and auditioned the Linn vs the top Rega.  Not sure of the cart, but the Linn just smoked the Rega.  It was so much fuller and right.  I couldn't get a Rega after that and it's how I got Johnny to sell me his last Basis that was NOS.  I'm blessed to have owned it.  I feel pretty strongly that there are some GREAT TT's out there and it's about budget and what you like to use.  Hey, the Project tables in their ranges are outstanding.  I LOVE the Clearaudio stuff.  Just amazing.  I have enjoyed the MoFi tables when I've heard them as well.  I personally like a simple look and set up.  AJ Conte used to talk about keeping it simple and being meticulous in the engineering and build.  It works.   

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Hi Peter, your insight / observations on so many familiar products is appreciated.  The Rega Planer 10 has been on my radar as well.  I do find it interesting how varied turntable design is.  We have ultra lights (Rega), spring suspensions (Linn), and mega heavy designs (VPI 40th Anniversary @ 70 lbs - and there are many more much heavier).  As the saying goes, 'there are so many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same"  ..............  does have me wondering about the validity of all these theories.  

In the meantime, I'll just be grateful for and appreciate my old Linn.

Play on

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