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Guitar & bass jazz records

John Gallup

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As a terrible guitar player, I have a special appreciation of good ones like Jim Hall, whom I learned about by listening to Paul Desmond records. He did this record with Charlie Haden and I never seem to get tired of it.


Here's one with renowned classical/bossa nova  guitarist Laurindo Almeida and (equally renowned) jazz bassist Ray Brown.


Both are on Tidal. And by the way it would be wonderful if Tidal and Roon had album numbers, even if they can't have liner notes for whatever legal reasons.

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Two of my three LP’s of Monty Alexander on piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Herb Ellis on guitar arrived today. Awaiting Triple Treat II. Have Triple Treat III on CD, but also looking for a good copy on vinyl as well. The ‘Triple Treat’ series is highly recommended.

I saw these guys in a nice small dinner club back in the mid-80’s, and it was wonderful. Brings back good memories.





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Thanks to Bruce at Stereo Unlimited who turned me on to this

I was talking to Bruce last week and he told me he'd bought the ERC version of the "Everybody Digs Bill Evans" LP I was buying, and said he plays it on a Brinkmann turntable, of which he just happened to have an example on the counter. "I practice what I preach," he said.

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I heard the series me and fell in love. I have heard the Trinity which is still freaking awesome. Only a handful in the US. I have a friend who I trust say Wadax is the best digital they have heard. Folks telling me to look at MSB Discrete with extra power supply. 

Auralic  Vega G2.1 and Ayre are also I. The mix. Halo makes a great one for the price too. It all comes down to how they deal with the pre ringing that PCM has. 

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