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Has Anyone Tried Townshend spring platforms under Vandersteens?


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I have tried to duplicate Townshend's test results  but was unable to measure the amount of movement of the floor in the lab or my home (was unable to sinc the test with a earthquake even though I am in Calif).   Both locations are concrete floors directly on the ground.  If ones floor has significant tympanic movement  from some source (music, subway, train, freeway ,etc) spring isolation tuned to a very low frequency may allow the speaker to more accurately pressurize the room with music's information.  It my rooms it caused dynamic compression and smearing because the speaker enclosure moves.  It does make the sound less bright and the sound stage gets more diffuse (larger but less defined) which may sound better with some speakers especially if like most speakers the tweeter is too bright.  The ultimate goal is for the speaker to be held in space as rigidly in space as possible so that any movement in any of the speakers drivers is not modified but a facsimile of what came from the amplifier.  Like usual this will vary in different situations but in IMO 3 points works best in most situations.


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I bought a pair of Platforms to try under my Treo's, unfortunately the outrigger feet made them unusable as my speakers are placed in a rather confined area.


So, a quick email to Townshend yielded a response- You can use them under any equipment-if they are within the weight limits.

So, under my Ayre KX-R one of them went, the other under my Atma MP-1 (with a piece of Butcher Block to raise it to clear the knobs-of course it was 1/4 inch, too small).

In both cases, I notice a definite 'refinement' of the lower bass notes. Things sounded 'clearer'/ less muddied.

I really like Townshend products. They are constructed to high standards and look pretty nice, too.

I wish I could report on their effect on speakers, but, alas, it was not to be.


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hey Bob - I have $ for shipping, insurance and a rental fee IF i can evaluate under my Treo CT w lightweight  concrete floor, 9 ply glued down engineered hardwood and an impact strike foam / rubber / felt acoustic isolation layer. I can assemble a panel of fellow Reo CT owners who have heard my system. Fun


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The Treo's have a bottom port? - I never knew.

I was going to send you the Platforms for under the Treo's- would they also mess up the port? I can't see how as they would be the same distance as the floor would have been, but, hey, I'm not a speaker designer.


Funny you should mention the Townshend Bars.

I put them under my Sub 3's

Normally, I wouldn't, but my monoblocks reside on a Sound Anchor rack that is bolted to the wall. It allows me to stack my amps and use the bottom for my subs.

I figured that isolating any vibrations from the subs to the amps would be a 'good thing'. I want to put some Townshend Pods under the amps, but it is a bit complicated due to how the Sound Anchor shelves are configured.

In any case, John Rutan/Samir set everything up and got them dialed in as best as possible. (In fact, Johnny really liked the set up. It really saves space-which is something I don't have).


I hope to get out there, but with Covid, and all this weird weather, who knows for sure?

NY has had one of the wettest and most humid summers I can recall,  God only knows what is in store for us in the coming months.


Waiting for the remnants of Ida to come- 4 inches of rain overnight?

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Lots of flash flooding around us in CT. What a year. I am trying to do a reunion this winter in SD for my former Kitty Hawk shipmates. If I get it done, I’ll let you guys know. I really would love to drive up to Hanford to visit Richard on that trip if I can put it together. 

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I ended up with 6+ inches of rain- which came down in roughly 2 hours. Luckily, just a wet garage was the worst of it.

(I shudder to think how bad it is in New Orleans).


Do you have an idea of when your reunion will take place? It would be fun to meet up, as well as get to meet other forum members.


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1 hour ago, Stringreen said:

No one ever comes to Scottsdale, Az.......is it the weather?

Actually that is not a bad idea… We did do Canyon De Chelly a few XMAS’s ago.
I found out that the ground work done to have a legal scheme to get back into Au, may be thwarted by Qantas and others not having scheduled flights.
So the trip is up in the air (but not literally), as the planes are generally grounded.

At the local airport there must be a hundred air craft (most foreign) lined up like a car rental yard.
The SW US could have a few of these places as well?

Maybe there is a cruise ship😉

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The M7-HPA amplifiers have a truss that holds all of the active circuitry which are suspended with four HRS isolators (polymer springs) tuned to isolate the active devices from external vibrations.  One should never put two springs in series as they can provide up to 30 db of gain instead of 30 db of isolation!  Use caution.


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