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Cabinet Finish Thread

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Hello all! I'm hoping to purchase Vandersteen Quatros soon & I don't know what finish I'd like to order. It would be wonderful if there were a resource with pictures of different finishes (not the veneer swatches on the website). I'd request that owner's post images of their speakers if inclined along with the finish description. Thanks!

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@ChrisM take a look at owners system photos also.  There are quite a few. I  The Treo are Ambrosia Maple and the 5a are rosewood. A current fave of mine are Zebrawood which is what @JonMhas on order i believe….

Best to you. As you no doubt know, Quattro is a unique, formidable world class speaker ! enjoy the music.

@Brad Omight be time to start a speaker finishes section here…




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I have Sapele.  Picture to follow when I get the right light.  Sorry for the delay.  It's a perfect match to my Box Furniture Sapele rack.  To Richard V's credit, he wouldn't make them until he found wood that met his quality criteria.


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9 hours ago, TomicTime said:

@HolmzExactly 😉 Carlsbad ! i love riding my ebike along to coast..paradise for bikes…

I still have the bottle of Bohemia from my first ride down there. Got the bike Thursday in down town Huntington Beach, and Saturday afternoon I was in Pacific Beach.
I was pretty sore as I was not a cyclist, but had done a lot of skiing that winter. 

100 miles is too much for the first ride, but the GF at the time bet me a beer I couldn’t do it... So I was committed.

Dinner was at El Indio that night, and I slept like a log.

I can hardly get off the sofa now. 😉

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