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These are the “ Hilti “ spikes, i believe Treo and above come w hardened aluminum spikes… IF you understand how Vandy beats inflation as Brad pointed out recently on model 2 pricing, you understand functionality reigns supreme over cosmetics…at certain value points…points..get it .?!!!!!!

@Brad Ocan you comment on shoes available in black ?

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7 hours ago, ctsooner said:

I thought the 2’s stand only had three spikes


Maybe with the after market “anchors”… what are they called again?

My old ones have their 4 points as one on each corner.
Being cheap I often used a penny… but later I sometimes a quarter under them on parquet floors.

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8 minutes ago, Richard Vandersteen said:

2C speakers 40+ years old had four points because that was before I knew better!  What a pain they were to get all four spikes equally loaded.  Hey! they once thought the earth was flat.  RV

Tell me it ain’t so!

@Richard Vandersteen - are they available in an 8 pack? Or only 6-packs?
Australia rounds to the nearest 5 cent increment as they literally have no cents, so using pennies are out.
I suppose I could up my game to a different coin, but the shoes seem a bit nicer.



Three probably makes sense more on a speaker, than on say a Robin Reliant:


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6 hours ago, GdnrBob said:

Neat car, do you ever see any on the road?



No Bob…. They were considered to be total crap, but on UK roads… well I would not be surprised if some still survived.

The Messerschmit kr200 and BMW Izzetta  were like a plane with a single rear wheel (They may call those planes “Tail draggers?”).
They seem like a decent three wheelers.

I’ve emailed a dealer for 8-pack shoes.

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