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I've been doing a bit of trading with the owner of a record store lately.  He recently bought a vinyl collection from a guy who preordered a bunch of the Analogue Productions - Blue Note reissues mastered at AcousTech by Kevin Gray & Steve Hoffman circa 2008-2009. By preordering, this collector received the same # pressing on each album. I didn't realize that was an option back then. 

So, I traded for these 3 titles and will be getting a few more in the near future. All with the insanely low #0306. 





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7 hours ago, Steve Edwards said:

Her solo debut, Tigerlily, is the only one I own of hers Brian.  I'll check out this latest record.  

Play on

She has definitely progressed over the years Steve, but IMO, always worthy of a listen. This one surprised me a bit, but then, most all her releases do the first time I listen to them. Then there is the next one….and on it goes….

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I don't have a picture to show but I highly recommend the newly re-issued Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with Shirley Scott, Cookin' with Jaws and the Queen. I haven't sprung for the LP but just streaming it in HR has been a revelation. Outstanding recording and great jazz from the time. I used to play a Hammond B3 organ and this recording nails it! All those beautiful harmonics are right there in real space. My Quatro's just disappear.

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That “Shave em Dry” was a bit more risqué than I expected for the a pressing from the 30s…
But I think that Germany also had a swing over with cabaret , before the pendulum came back hard.

Maybe a pendulum like a clock tower.

w/ back of whale bone,

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