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Recordings I've come across and am enjoying

Boom Boom

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Of course. The music is what it is all about. There is little better (to me) than having my room filled and surrounded with an amazing orchestral performance, especially when you have the equipment to put you in square center of the hall. With all the instruments where they should be, right, left, fore and aft.

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22 hours ago, TomicTime said:

check out the multi format download bench at 2L Recordings the Nordic Sound



Yes, I looked for higher rate sample files to verify my new DAC could play 4xDSD and 350+kHz PCM files. I came across this website and found the sample files. The 352.8 kHz PCM files didn't work. The others did. To verify 352.8 kHz and 354 kHz I used the resampler feature in the DSP Studio in JRiver MC27. These higher rez PCM Sample rates will play.

One of the reasons why I'm not too interested in streaming is the streaming services don't stream multi-rate DSD or 350+kHz PCM music files. That would likely take too much bandwidth. MQA is popular. Interestingly, the MQA samples from the 2L website above played on my DAC. MQA is reportedly not lossless.

I would rather buy a better USB cable instead of investing in streaming. That's just me tho.

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On 12/30/2021 at 2:05 AM, TomicTime said:

@Boom BoomMan do i want to thank you for opening a musical door with this Reunions album. It is a fully funded Kickstarter project with a fantastic back story. They do plan an analog release. I am hoping to get both.

Again thank you for introducing me to a great artist !

my best to you




Really great article/interview. Listened to Reunion last night via Tidal. Really nice, and what a great idea for these three to get together playing instruments that have so much history and provenance.

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2 hours ago, Boom Boom said:

Really enjoying this opera recording. 😀👍


Spotifying it now, and it is nice.

(I feel a bit low-brow liking the Malcolm McLaren version of Madam Butterfly.)

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1 hour ago, TomicTime said:

Ya gotta start somewhere Randall - Happy New Year to ya 🙂

My Italian is pretty minimal.

The story that the opera tells does not seem like a very uplifting and happy story. 
At least the Malcom McLaren version is pretty true to the story, and it has a somber tone to it.

I guess we could bookend the story with the Vapour’s song,  if the ending was modified to where the Navy fellow left his new wife Kate, and reconnected with his first wife Cio Cio San?

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Poor Butterfly.

If you want another opera, try Bizet's Carmen. A very easy listen as operas go, though things end badly for Carmencita.

Though if you like Puccini, Turandot is another winner-Though anything Puccini wrote is pretty good 


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